Upright holding Cabinet VWS 176

Model:VWS 176

The vertical heat preservation cabinet has high efficiency and heat preservation design, which makes the food evenly heated, keeps the fresh and delicious taste for a long time, and has four sides of plexiglass, and the food display effect is good.


▶ Luxurious exterior design, safe and reasonable structure.

▶ Hot air circulation energy-saving circuit design.

▶ Front and rear heat-resistant plexiglass, with strong transparency, can display food in all directions, both beautiful and durable.

▶ Moisturizing design, can keep the food fresh and delicious taste for a long time.

▶ High-performance insulation design can make food evenly heated and save electricity.

▶ The whole machine adopts infrared heat preservation lamp to enhance the display effect and at the same time play the role of sterilization to maintain the hygiene of food.

▶ The whole machine adopts stainless steel material, which is convenient for users to clean, keep the display cabinet fresh and ensure the effect of the exhibits.


Model VWS 176
Rated Voltage ~220V/50Hz
Rated Power 2.5kW
Temperature Range Room Temperature – 100 ° C
Dimensions 630 x800x1760mm