Use the best machines to make the most delicious food.

The annual Christmas is coming soon, and the major shopping malls are also starting to actively advertise and get ready for the sales festival, this time you can choose Electric/Gas Pressure Fryer As your main purchase target. They are more efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly, and are your indispensable working partners.

PFE/PFG series products, two models with electric and gas are available for you to choose from. For example, PFE-800 this machine, the company is preparing to celebrate Christmas and now only sells for $1860.  This machine is widely used. Can be fried chicken, fried chicken leg, fried chicken wings and so on. It can be used in fast food restaurants, supermarkets, restaurants, food stores, street snacks, etc. Low cost, small floor space, they will become your best business partner.


1.With Five sections of heating function, the Maillard reaction and caramelization reaction are more distinct. the food can get a better colour and lustre ,fragrance and flavour.
2.the standard of temperature can be switched between ℃ and °F in panel.
3.With oil filtration reminding ,when frying for set times,it will alarm to remind filtration.
4.Equipped with thermal insulation, save energy and improve efficiency .
5. Four casters carrying capacity together with brake function ,ease of movement and positioning .
6.All 304 stainless steel body easy to wash and wipe ,long service life ,
7.Aluminum lid,rugged and lightweight ,easy to open and close
8.Built -in automatic oil filter system ,easy to use and energy efficient
9.The machine has a total of 10 storage keys 1-0 for 10 categories of food frying use.
10.The computer digital control panel ,elegant,easy to operate,accurately control time and temperature.
11.High efficiency heating elements.
12.Shortcuts to save memory function, constant time and temperature ,easy to use.
we have Electric /Gas/LPG styles,must can satisfy your demand ,for working video ,manual,please contact our staff.

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