Understanding Pressure Fryers

What is a pressure fryer. As the name implies, pressure frying is similar to open frying with one major difference. When you place the food in the fryer, you close the lid on the cook pot sealing it to create a pressurized cooking environment. Pressure frying is significantly faster than any other method when cooking larger volumes. Additionally, pressure frying produces consistently high-quality fried food.

By choosing a pressure fryer, you’re ensuring that flavor and moisture will be sealed in while excess oil will be sealed out. Therefore, resulting in a healthier, tastier final product. It’s the ideal way to cook breaded, bone-in foods like chicken, or other naturally juicy foods.

The MJG  Pressure Fryers Advantage

MJG have been the leader in frying technology. Because our cookpot’s deep collector cold zone allows gravity filtration, it prevents cracklings from scorching and degrading your shortening. As a result, your oil life is extended. Another unique feature is MJG’S tank design — which evenly disperses pressure, while promoting even cooking.

PFE-800 is a 4-head fryer,  product capacity. 

Microcomputer panel, precise temperature control.

Frying food with high pressure

Triple exhaust protection,safe and secure

Return-shaped heating tube, heating up quickly and evenly

cross-fire burner,strong firepovver and gas-saving

Segmented heating model to ensure quality(PFE/PFG-800)

10 menu storage modes, can be called arbitrarily

304 stainless steel inner cylinder sanitary and healthy

Built-in oil filtering system to extend the life of the oil

Stainless steel body, easy to clean, durable

Easy-to-identify red and black ball screw locking pressure structure

Temperature range from normal temperature to 200℃(392℉)

Built-in over-temperature protection device for more safety

Mobile universal wheels are stable and reliable

Frying basket selection: standard basket/ 4 layered L basket