most cost-effective medium-capacity pressure fryer available



PFE/PFG series chicken pressure fryer

The most cost-effective medium-capacity pressure fryer available. Compact, reliable and easy to use.

● More tender, juicy and flavorful foods
● Less oil absorption and reduced overall oil usage
● Greater food production per machine and more energy-saving.

Overheating protection safety system is interlocked by the lock cover system with pressure regulator. Also has pressure regulator valve/ timer control, All ensure operator convenience and safety.

This style pressure fryer provides 10 programmable cooking profiles with built-in, adjusts cooking time dependent on size and temperature of load according to food needs.

Equipment is covered by manufacturer’s 1 year warranty.

Electric/Gas pressure fryer PFE-800/PFG-800

● 4  chickens per load.

● Available in electric and gas models

● With Five sections of heating function, the Maillard reaction and caramelization reaction are more distinct. the food can get a better colour and lustre ,fragrance and flavour.

● The standard of temperature can be switched between ℃ and °F in panel.

● With oil filtration reminding ,when frying for set times, it will alarm to remind filtration.

● Equipped with thermal insulation, save energy and improve efficiency .

● Built -in automatic oil filter system ,easy to use and energy efficient

● The chicken fryer machine has a total of 10 storage keys 1-0 for 10 categories of food frying use.

●The computer digital control panel ,elegant,easy to operate,accurately control time and temperature.

● High efficiency heating elements.

●Shortcuts to save memory function, constant time and temperature ,easy to use.