Manufactur standard B & J Peerless Food Service Equipment - Combination Oven CO 800 – Mijiagao

Model:CO 800

This product is a five-plate hot blast stove, one set of one oven and one set of 10 sets of proofing boxes. Beautiful and elegant, saving space, simple and practical.


▶ Set heating baking, hot air circulation baking, proofing and humidifying.

▶ This product is suitable for commercial baking bread and cake products.

▶ This product adopts microcomputer control, which has fast heating speed, uniform temperature and saving time and electricity.

▶ The overheat protection device can disconnect the power supply in time when it is over temperature, which is safe and reliable.

▶ The use of large glass structure, beautiful and generous, reasonable design, excellent workmanship.


Rated voltage 3N ~ 380V
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Input Total Power 13kW (upper 7kW + middle 4kW + lower 2kW)
Oven Temperature Control Range 0-300 ° C
Wake Up Temperature Control Range  0-50 ° C
Volume 1345mm*820mm*1970mm
Weight 290kg