Lpg Gas Open Fryer/Open Fryer Supplier/25L Auto-lifting Deep Fryer with oil filter

Model:FE 1.1.25-HL

The FE 1.1.25-HL series of lifting fryers is a low-energy and high-efficiency deep-fried fryer developed by the company to absorb advanced foreign technology. It is the main push for the company in 2016. Based on the original traditional vertical fryer, this product has been improved by the process and technically updated. It replaces the original simple mechanical instrument control with the existing LCD operating system, and automatically lifts and lowers the operation. Time and temperature control is also more precise. It is commonly used in restaurants, hotels and other food service outlets for fried foods.



▶ Computer panel control, beautiful and easy to operate.

▶ High efficiency heating elements.

▶ The shortcut key to store the memory function, timing and temperature, easy to use.

▶ With automatic lifting function, the basket automatically rises after the cooking time.

▶ Comes with oil filter system, no additional filter truck.

▶ Built-in thermal insulation layer to save energy and improve efficiency.



Rated Voltage


Rated Power


Temperature Control Range

room temperature ~ 190 ° C





Net Weight


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