Food Warming & Holding Equipment WS 66 WS 90

Model:WS 66 WS 90

The display heat preservation cabinet has high-efficiency heat preservation and moisturizing design, so that the food is evenly heated, and the fresh and delicious taste is maintained for a long time. The four-sided organic glass has good food display effect. Beautiful appearance, energy-saving design, low price, suitable for small and medium-sized fast food restaurants and pastry bakeries.


▶ Beautiful appearance, safe and reasonable structure.

▶ Four-sided heat-resistant plexiglass, with strong transparency, can display food in all directions, beautiful and durable.

▶ Moisturizing design, can keep the food fresh and delicious taste for a long time.

▶ The performance insulation design can make the food evenly heated and save electricity.


Rated Voltage 220V 50Hz
Rated Power 1.84kW
Temperature Control Range 20 ° C -100 ° C
Size 660 /900x 437 x 655mm