China Gas Open Fryer Eastern Hotel Supply/commercial open fryer/deep fryer with oil filter OFG-321


▶ The computer control panel, elegant, easy to operate.

▶ High efficiency heating element.

▶ Shortcuts to save memory function, time constant temperature, easy to use.

▶ A cylinder double baskets, two baskets were timed respectively.

▶ Comes with oil filter system, not additionally oil filter vehicle.

▶ Equipped with thermal insulation, save energy and improve efficiency.

▶ Type304 stainless steel, durable.

Specified Voltage 3N~380V/50Hz-60Hz / 3N~220V/50Hz-60Hz
Heating type Electric/LPG/Natural Gas
Temperature Range                       20-200 ℃
Dimensions 441*949*1180mm
Packing Size 950*500*1230mm                
Capacity 24 L
Net Weight 128 kg
Gross Weight 148 kg
Construction Stainless steel frypot, cabinet and basket
Input Natural gas is 1260L/hr. LPG is 504L/hr.