Electric Deep Fried Oil Fryer Potato Chips Open Fryer Machine



The pressure fryer of touchscreen version is designed to provide customers with precise, energy-saving, and consistent taste cooking solutions, allowing users to handle them with ease even during peak catering and multi-product cooking.

Through low-temperature and high-pressure stuffy frying, it can effectively avoid the shrinkage of the large Chicken. The touch screen version can store 10 menus, and each menu can be set for 10 time periods. It provides a variety of cooking models to keep your products consistently delicious!



Tube of the electric fryer is a fixed design,which provides users with a safer and more reliable cooking environment. At the same time, its high-power and high-efficiency recirculating heating tube has fast heating speed, uniform heating, and can quickly return to temperature, achieving the effect of golden and crispy food surface and keeping internal moisture from losing.


The built-in oil filtering system can complete oil filtering in 5 minutes, which not only saves space, but also greatly extends the service life of oil and reduces operating costs while ensuring that the fried food maintains high quality.


The large cold zone and forward sloping bottom help collect and remove sediment from the frypot to safeguard oil quality and support routine frypot cleaning. The movable heating tube is more helpful for cleaning.




Automatic Lifting Basket


Automatic lifting rod, when the timing ends, the brasket can be easily raised.

 save labor and cost

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▶ Product Display

▶ Parameter

Name Latest electric pressure Fryer  Model OFE-2000
Specified Voltage 3N~380v/50Hz Specified Power 17kW
Heating mode 90- 190℃ Control Panel Touch Screen 
Capacity 60L Oil capacity
Basket size 450x350x380mm  N.W 344kg
Dimensions 610x1070x1550mm G.W 364kg

▶ Shortcuts to save memory function, time constant temperature, easy to use.

▶ Equipped with thermal insulation, save energy and improve efficiency.

▶ Type304 stainless steel, durable.

▶  25% less oil than other high-volume fryers

▶  High-efficiency heating for fast recovery

▶  Heavy-duty stainless steel fry pot.

▶  Microcomputer display,± 1°C fine adjustment

▶  Accurate display of real-time temperature and timing status

▶  Temperature. Range from normal temperature to 200°℃(392° F)