China Electric Deck Oven/China Hot Air Bakery Oven/Multifunction High Temperature Oven/ Deck Oven DE 2.04

Model:DE 2.04

DE-2.04 series of far-infrared electric food oven, radiation far infrared metal heating tube is used for the heating element, inside penetration objects with thermal radiation effect, fast heating, be baked goods heated evenly, color and, under the food hygienic standard, furnace temperature can be adjusted within the range of 20-300 ℃, and can this product is equipped with timing, automatic constant temperature, automatic temperature control, manual selection of temperature control and other functions, convenient.



▶ It is for commercial baking pastries.

▶ The temperature can be arbitrary adjustable at room temperature to 300 ℃ range, convenient operation, stable performance.

▶ The overheat protection device can be completely disconnected from power supply at overtemperature, which is safe and reliable.

▶ The use range of double structure of bracket and floor is greatly increased.

▶ Semi-automatic furnace door is flexible to open, tightly closed and durable.

▶ Stainless steel mirror.



Rated Voltage 3N~380V/50Hz 
Rated Power 13.6kW
Temperature Range 0~300°C
Tray Qty 2deck 4 trays
Tray Size 400×600mm
Dimension 1240×920×1230mm