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OFE-H413L open fryer

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High-power and high-efficiency recirculating heating tube has fast heating speed, uniform heating, and can quickly return to temperature, achieving the effect of golden and crispy food surface and keeping internal moisture from losing.

The high quality burner system distributes heat evenly around the frypot, generating a large heat-transfer area for efficient exchange and quick recovery. They have earned a magical reputation for durability and reliability. The temperature probe assures accurate temperatures for efficient heat-up, cooking.

The built-in oil filtering system can complete oil filtering in 5 minutes, which not only saves space, but also greatly extends the service life of oil products and reduces operating costs、while ensuring that the fried food maintains high quality.

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Name Newest Open Fryer Model OFE-H413L
Specified VoltageS 3N~380v/50Hz Specified Power 28kW
Heating mode 20- 200℃ Control Panel Touch Screen
Capacity 13L*4 N.W 197kg
Dimensions 860x780x1160mm Menu No. 10


Main Features

•  25% less oil than other high-volume fryers

•  High-efficiency heating for fast recovery

•  Heavy-duty stainless steel fry pot.

•  Smart computer screen, operation is clear at a glance.

  •  Computer screen display,± 1°C fine adjustment.

  •  Accurate display of real-time temperature and timing status

  •  Computer version control, can store 10 menus.

  •  Temperature. Range from normal temperature to 200°℃(392° F)

  •  Built-in oil filtering system, oil filtering is quick and convenient