China Deck Oven/Full-automatic 5 Trays Electric Convection 5 Deck Oven CO 1.05-C


1. The appearance of the machine is beautiful, the body is made of stainless steel and the material is excellent.

2. Using far-infrared metal electric heating tube heating, hot air circulation, heating speed, uniform temperature makes the heating surface of baked food more comprehensive.

3. Low energy consumption, power saving.

4. The overheat protection device can automatically disconnect the power supply when it is over temperature, which is safe and reliable.

5. The furnace temperature can be arbitrarily controlled within the range of 50 ~ 300 ° C, easy to operate, stable performance.

6. The furnace is equipped with a steam humidifying device to achieve the best effect of the baked food.

7. Mining large glass structure, intuitive, elegant, durable.

Model CO 1.05-C
Production capacity 20kg / h
Rated voltage ~3N380V/50Hz
Rated power 9kW
Temperature control range room temperature ~ 300 ° C
Baking tray size 400×600mm
Dimensions 900 × 1170 × 730mm
Net Weight 130kg