Rotary Oven Factory/Commercial Rotary Gas Oven/Bakery Equipment RG 2.64


1. This Rotary oven is produced by Rotary Oven Factory. used wide range , for baking meat bread moon cake toast biscuit cake and so on.

2. Operate in and out of the whole vehicle, and bake 64 plates at a time, easy to operate and saving time and effort.

3. Adopt stainless steel electric heat pipe to save energy.

4. The temperature, time, rotating system and combustion system of the whole machine are controlled in a coherent way, which is good for operation.

5. The insulation layer is made of high-density fine cotton with good insulation performance. Good tightness to reduce heat loss.

6. The point moving system can generate steam according to the process requirements to meet the quality requirements of the baker.

7. Strong wind convection, good penetration and uniform.

8. Control instruments and furnace separation, heat insulation, few failures.