64trays Fermentation Room/prover /China Walk-In Fermentation Room

Model:FR 2.2.64

This double-door fermentation box, with hot air stove, is convenient and practical. Adopt stainless steel material, conform to food hygiene and safety. Temperature-resistant and moisture-resistant circulating fan, intelligent temperature and humidity control program controller, control external electric-heating steam generator, make the temperature and humidity in the waking room reach the optimum ratio, precise control.


▶ stainless steel construction.

▶ Foam insulation and good insulation.

▶ Computer panel control.

▶ Use electric heat pipe to generate heat and steam, and through hot air circulation, make the fermentation environment with relative humidity of the wake box 60%-90% and temperature of 30-38℃.


Specified Voltage 2N ~220V/50Hz
Power 6kw/h
Trolley 2
Temperature Range 0~60℃
Dimension 1740×1360×2050mm