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Bakers best choise.

Outstanding baking results, user-friendliness and MIG’S renowned robust design for demanding conditions-all this along with its exceptional use of space makes the new MIG orbit stand out and the pefect choice for hotel, food manufacturers and large store bakeries alike. rotary oven with a rotating rack for dough pieces of all kinds. Heated with diesel, gas and electricity.

What makes the MIG OVEN so unique


Baking at its best.

High-performance steam generator and its intelligent air flow, it delivers top-quality baking results and ideal gloss with optimum volume from the start. So you’ll be glad to see that its door gives you a clear view of the baking chamber, meaning you get to see the MIG orbit’s quality in action. Thanks to the ergonomically angled operating panel, you always have the control system’s computer in sight and all processes in check.

Adapts to your system

When it comes to convection ovens, there is a system commonly used in the world of baking: the rotating plate type where the trolley is moved onto a platform that turns during the baking process. The rotating plate version is the standard model.There is another choice for trolly. That is, hanging type.

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1. This Rotary oven is produced by China Rotary Oven, used wide range , for baking meat bread moon cake toast biscuit cake and so on.
2.The combustion engine is imported , can get a good performance in working and save the energy
3.Large baking capacity.32 dishes each time
4.Mechanical panel and intelligent control. can control the temperature ,time,and rotary system automatically. save lots of time and vigor of operator.
5. two rotate modes for your to choose: bottom rotate and top hanged rotate.
6.With inner lamp and glass window to see the baked food clearly.
7.Equipped with time-alarm, more convenient and safe for operator to control.
8. equipped with high density and hyperfine cotton material so can maintain the quantity of heat furthest .
9.Inching system can produce enough steam momentarily according to the request of craft ,so it can satisfy the quality request of food for baker.
10. equipped with blower , can make the temperature and humidity more balance because of the strong wind convection.
11.The panel is separated from the oven , can resist the harm of high temperature ,more durable.