100kg Commercial Spiral Mixer/Dough mixer/China Pastry Mixer Bakery/Industrial Blender for kitchen and Bakery equipment


Main Features


♦ Dough Mixing Vessel… Made of good quality stainless steel, it is strong, durable and easy to clean. Safety mesh is equipped to the vessel ensuring safety during operation.

♦ Mixing hook, large outside diameter enables efficient mixing, cutting off dough during operation, minimizing temperature increase during mixing at the same time increase dough water

intake volume, which results in consistency and chewing.

240L Double Speed Mixer.

Automatic Bakery Baking Machine Spiral Dough Mixer Flour Mixer/Pizza Mixer. Bread Dough Mixer 100kg Flour Mixer Dough Kneader Machine

Bakery 240 Liter Dough Mixer. Heavy Duty Flour Mixer Removable Bowl 100kg Dough Kneading Mixer


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This zz series spiral mixers absorb the advanced technique of this industry.The beater and barrel could at the same time.Taking spiral stirrer to mix high gluten dough, good expansive force of the dough, saving production costs, two-speed gear , barrels could rotate in positive inversion,convenient operation,free to control the mixing time.

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Protective cover for safe operation.

Thickened food grade stainless steel

Mechanical panel, simple and easy to operate

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Dough mixer 2
zz-240 Auto
Dough mixer 5

The maximum capacity of dough mixer is 260L 

            Simple operation. Efficient operation.

zz-240L Auto
Dough mixer